Elena Yapontseva – the choirmaster, the manager of the laureate of the international competitions the chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’, teacher.

In 1999 entered the chamber choir. In 2001 graduated from at Tula Dargomyzshsky College of Arts (the class of О. Burova), in 2008 – the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, the class of academic conducting of the USSR people’s artist, professor N. Kutuzov.

Artistic director and conductor of “Podsnezhnik” Choir of the «Vesnyanka» Children's Art School - the  laureate of the All-Russian and International Competitions. 

Elena Yapontseva is the Laureate of the Second Moscow Competition of Young conductors (2008), the Laureate of the All-Russian Competition for Teachers “Genius Workshop” (2016), the Laureate of the All-Russian Competition of Teachers “Roskonkurs” (2018), Awarded a special diploma "The best conductor" at the All-Russian competition "Christmas Carol" (2019).

In December 2015, she was awarded the title «Honorable educator» of the Moscow Music Society.

In 2022 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Education and Science of Moscow for the outstanding personal achievements in adopting perspective methods of teaching and upbringing of children in the city of Moscow.