«Ocean Day. Organ, piano, flute and ebru» Project: Elemental Music

«Ocean Day. Organ, piano, flute and ebru»

Project: Elemental Music

Three quarters of our planet is occupied by the World Ocean. It is the habitat of countless creatures and it makes life on Earth possible.

This year, World Ocean Day, established by the UN, was celebrated for the 11th time. It is designed to unite the efforts of all who are not indifferent to beauty, the preservation of the natural diversity and ecology of our planet. We invite you to spend an evening in the old cathedral at a wonderful concert dedicated to the great water element. The energy of waves and music will merge into a single harmony, inextricably linked with a person, his physical and spiritual world. Just as the very existence of mankind is impossible without the oceans, it is impossible to imagine this world devoid of music.


Works of the great I.S. Bach and wonderful contemporary composers will harmoniously complement the unique water animation - paper marbling. The beautiful and mighty Ocean will become your friend this evening and reveal its secrets.

November 23, 2019

St. Peter’s and Paul’s Cathedral.

Beginning at 20:00.

Address: Metro station “Kitay Gorod”, Starosadsky Lane, 7.