International Festival "Organ Universe"

“Two geniuses: Bach and Rheinberger.
Video installation: The Milky Way through the eyes of the Hubble telescope
Project: International Festival "Organ Universe"


It is difficult to imagine a sound more complete, solemn and expressive than the sound of an old organ. For centuries, the unique features of this amazing instrument attracted outstanding composers from different eras. The precedence here undoubtedly belongs to the great Johann Sebastian Bach, this, according to Beethoven’s apt expression, “the true father of harmony”, whose genius had an indisputable influence on all the subsequent development of world music culture.
It is not surprising that the second hero of our concert, Josef Gabriel Reinberger, an organist, composer and teacher (like Bach!) of the 19th century, experienced this powerful influence, especially since J.J. Maier - a famous explorer of the Bach heritage. Through the organ, Bach speaks with God, and the romantic Rheinberger (the author of two concerts and twenty sonatas for the organ) - with a human. Become a member of this eternal conversation and you will be conquered by the voice of the organ and the music of the starry sky!

May 10, 2019
St. Peter’s and Paul’s Cathedral.
Beginning at 20:00.

Address: Metro station “Kitay Gorod”, Starosadsky Lane, 7.